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Is a flooded email inbox annoying you?

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I ”suffered” for years from an annoying email inbox. I have tried so many organising systems for emails, and nothing has worked. Problems with these have been that they took too much time. I had to spend more time organising my emails than before with all the chaos. Then I just gave up and saved so much time and had less stress. 

Things that I tried: 

1. Organising every email under a specific folder. → I ended up having like 20 folders and kept forgetting what was where. And this system did not communicate with my to-do list. That still led to missing important tasks and deadlines. 

2. Keeping my inbox always “clean” as in having zero unread emails. → Did work fine

until I got 20 emails per day, and most of them were emails that I did not want to read at that moment. And I do not have time to read random emails all day. 

3. Keeping my inbox “clean” meaning having zero emails in my inbox folder. → Had to organise emails somewhere but still had too many emails to sort out and keep moving around. 

I wanted to keep my emails organised so that I wouldn’t miss anything. Later I realised that a messy inbox doesn’t mean that emails would get lost and important tasks would not get done. Then I figured out a way to use my emails so I wouldn’t have to constantly clean and organise them. 

Want to know what I did or care to share how you are doing with your emails? 


And what do I do now to keep my email inboxes chaos free? I don’t do much. I’ve let go of the idea that a neat email inbox is something to be worked on constantly. Honestly, most often tidying up and moving things around is just something we do to distract ourselves or procrastinate. Instead, I focus on doing the things that need to be done instead of having a neat email inbox.

Still, there are a few things I do to keep this hassle-free. Firstly I set up a few email addresses for different uses. I have 2 emails for personal use and 2 emails for my company. Then I have a special email account that doesn’t get any mail most of the time, maybe a few emails per year.

The second thing is a habit. I’m a ruthless unsubscriber. A few times a year I unsubscribe so many newsletters, that I don’t even want to count them. There is a website that helps if you feel overwhelmed by unsubscribing without help. And I only subscribe to newsletters by using one of my personal-use email addresses and not my work emails.

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