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One size doesn’t fit all but a customer journey map will

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One size doesn't fit all but a customer journey map will

I think that mostly one size doesn’t fit all. At least the one size for all will feel and look very different. We have Instagram accounts dedicated to online shopping failures. That is why I never suggest a one size fits all approach when planning customer journey maps for my clients.

There are so many different types of creative entrepreneurs that it would be foolish to think that they would all be the same just because they work in the creative field. Their customers are different, values and how they operate and the why is different. Thinking that a creative entrepreneur is only creative when working in a creative field is too narrow. I feel that many places are creative, and there are many ways of being creative.

One size doesn’t fit all, but how dos a customer journey map?

Good tools will be flexible enough to suit different needs and different situations. Or when these tools fail, some others will be more helpful. Using customer journey maps are a good and flexible tool for many needs. This map can be an objective of inspection. To see it as something that helps you understand and see different phases, situations of your business process and gain valuable information. Also, you can use a customer journey map to plan new and finish incomplete projects.

In my opinion, working with a customer journey map will bring the not so creative tasks (and even boring) closer to the more creative. You can create more space for creative work and better see the value of your creative work by using a customer journey map. Using creativity will benefit all parts of a business. And when operating in a flexible, low structure and creative way, you will need tools and a way to support this freedom and flow. These businesses often need to be worked in a manner that doesn’t take away from the creative work.

I also think that people who are more creative and flexible with work will find it easier to approach boring business parts by using a customer journey map. Walking through this journey with new hires, business coaches and, consultants will help them understand more about your business.

Customer journey maps do not have to be in a digital form. The way this visualised “journey” is dependent on the goal of visualisation and who is working on it. It is OK for the map to look different at the beginning and the final version. Before the final version, you can work on this map in many different ways. Body–mapping, painting, sticky notes on a wall or even walking with a ball of yarn can be ways to explore a customer journey map. Collages and mixing words and images are fun ways too. Also, they will help you communicate your thoughts!

Plus this can be refreshing for people working long times in front of screens. What do you think?

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