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Triangle of client work – for creating foundation and clarity

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triangle of client work

I just watched a video about the triangle theory of love, and it got me thinking about client work. Could there be something similar when working with clients? Could there be a triangle of client work? Something that we could define for ourselves, for creating clarity when working with clients. This is something that is not a “real” theory. I would encourage everybody to think about what the three things would be for you. 

In the love triangle theory, there is commitment, passion & companionship. So now, I replaced passion with inspiration as I am talking about client work as non-romantic work. If you feel different or if you disagree, then please do share how you feel and think 🙂 

Let’s explore this triangle of client work.

Here in this example, we have commitment, inspiration, and companionship. Funnily I don’t see a whole lot of difference between long term client work and long term love/romantic relationships in this way. But there are differences when we observe how these aspects are communicated and expressed. And the goal and motivation behind the actions most likely are different. 

Let me try to explain. When we have the commitment in client work between all parties, we can have trust and feel valued. When we have inspiration we want to work and feel excited about working. When we have companionship we work well together. 

When we have companionship and inspiration we feel excited about working together. And if there is no commitment, then all this excitement can lead to random and short bursts of joyful moments. But nothing much happens workwise. And then lack the support that we need if we want to actually get the ideas moving forward. 

When we have companionship and commitment there is trust and respect. But if we lack inspiration we might not actually gravitate towards working together and would even choose some other people to work with.

When we have commitment and inspiration we might have great ideas and fun, but we might not work well together. We might not really understand how to work together, where boundaries should be and how to communicate. 

When we have all three sides of the triangle flowing, then that would be ideal. 

What do you think?

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